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IT - as in computers :)

*For all your computer needs

About Us

Our team

We are geeks. Through and through. We used to live in the basement coding and haxing, then we found the elevator.

Now we are mobile!

We're here to help :)

Our specialities

We repair computers. We connect cables, type on keyboards, get it fixed, get it done, on time, under budget, with a smile and a certain finesse.

We also train machines to work with people and vice versa.

Contact Us

Local Perth business

We are a mobile computer repair business servicing most of Perth metro area. We also provide remote support over the internet, or you can drop off the laptop with us in Banjup.


43 Wattleseed Avenue, Banjup, Western Australia

Phone: 0400955334


Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm

Sunday: by appointment

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